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SOA Conference in Chennai

Posted by tggokul on January 30, 2007

I just got word that there is going to be a SOA conference in Chennai on 12th March,2007 and it is going to be chaired by Clive Finkelstein

Their brochure says that this program would cover details on Web services, Business process management, SOA governance and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Sounds interesting but the Registration fee is kind of steep priced at Rs.9000 ($200). There are early bird discounts of Rs.2000 (45$) , though I am still contemplating whether I need to spend money on something I am not exactly too keen on. Lets see. ( Would they let me in for free if I say I am from the media? I can show them my PROTO.in live coverage credentials, hmmmm)

Anyway for more details and online registration you can visit the official conference website.

3 Responses to “SOA Conference in Chennai”

  1. palanis said

    I was thinking about this today. I want to publish some blogs on Chennai and when I want to take pictures or videos, i would get no relcutance or better acceptance from people if I say I am from the press. What makes you a person from the press or media. Is there a place where you have to register yourself.

  2. Loori said

    SOA… :-). The new catchword to sell more software that people do not need in the first place. Did you know less than 10 percent of enteprises within India can admit that they realized what they wanted with their enterprise software? ( I work for a market research firm… reputed enough to not pull these numbers out of my ass… )

    Service Oriented Archtiecture… OOPs with a few layers of abstraction.. has tremendous vision but the market place is already addled too much to scare clients away. Let us hope there is some sort of clarity given by the leading vendors.

    Wonder what he would have to say about EDA… which is poised to take over SOA with Oracle already majorly pushing it.

  3. tggokul said

    Amen to that Loori,

    SOA promises a lot of stuff. But I am still one of those cynics who would like to see it work before embracing it.

    That is the only reason I might go for this conference. But then as I said so in my original post, the registration is way too expensive. If anybody does get a chance to go, you can guest blog here about this event.


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