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Age of the ‘British’ Empire

Posted by tggokul on January 25, 2007

These days the norm is, when it comes to developing new technologies in the Telecom space, Europe is way ahead and it when it comes to adoption of these technologies Asia seems to be leading the way. I just got a chance to read this awesome report on British Telecom’s plan for 21CN and their implementations and it kind of strays away from my initial observation. British Telecom seems to be leading in developing/adopting the latest technologies.

The fact of the matter is all major service providers around the world agree and accept that IP is the way to go, but they are hesitant in implementing it for the following reasons
1. The need is not immediate and the “2 years away” mentality ( When newer technologies are introduced, most Service providers hide behind the excuse that the technology is atleast two years early. )
2. Conservative Approach : Don’t fix it if ain’t broken. Make no mistake, the service providers are getting killed when they try to manage all the networks and all the differnet applications that run on it. But as of today, they are still manageable. (What service providers, atleast in India, are doing is they are asking the application providers to provide and manage the applications as part of revenue sharing). This will become unmanageable soon as the number of application providers increase.
3. QoS and Security : There is still a general suspicion that IP based communications is vulnerable to attacks and the quality of voice ain’t too great. Though there are still areas for improvement, giant steps have been made in the last few years which should alleviate these fears.
4. Huge initial cost : The infrastructural changes that needs to be made requires some serious money and this is one of the barriers.

British Telecom has assumed the role of a leader (breaking all the barriers mentioned above)  and needs to be commended for its push for smarter/simpler network. BT’s global services is becoming a serious player and we can start seeing them being catalysts for this transformation across the globe.

They used to be a saying in the imperialistic days of the British ” The Sun never sets in the British Empire”. I believe we are going to see “The sun never sets in the British Telecom empire” and boy am I looking forward to that!!!

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