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T-Mobile IVR

Posted by tggokul on January 24, 2007

Just read the blog where Martin Geddes vents his anger on T-Mobile’s bad customer service.

This is a typical example of “IVR application done wild” . For people who are not aware, I work in a call-centre application development company and I make it a point to understand what would be the pain points for people dialing into the IVR and had blogged about the organisation GetHuman and the response I got from them in earlier blogs.

High abandon rates is a major challenge for a call center and the problem is even more magnified due to lack of reports or mechanisms to analyze the entire operation. Self-fulfilment ( navigating through menus in IVR) is a necessity to reduce wait time and people in the queue, but it seems to be having a negative impact in most cases.

I think every call centre needs to have a CallBack manager as a minimum if things have to start getting better. We try to recommend that in our solution and thankfully some of them seem to be taking heed. Hopefully we might see a whole lot more of these Callback manager and see less of Martin’s problems.

2 Responses to “T-Mobile IVR”

  1. GL said

    The TMobile IVR system is extremely annoying for at least two reasons: (1) the IVR timing is such that it does not listen to the customer who is ready and knows what to say next, the IVR continues to speak more nonsense just as you are ready to speak a navigation command. It is *not* designed right to (a) listen promptly and (b) only speak extra stuff if a proper command was not heard – and (2) an IVR system is completely asinine. A touch-tone navigation system is (a) good enough (b) less annoying and (c) time-proven. Who in the h#ll is the b@stard that said we must all start using IVR. G#$ D$MN marketing bu11s#1t.

  2. ivr said

    Free or not free… Hi there. I wonder which kind of IVR are best – cheap for : – Asterisk or ->?.

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