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PROTO : Video Upload Completed

Posted by tggokul on January 23, 2007

As promised, I have uploaded the videos of the other companies as well. Let me know if everything is OK.

Let me tell you this, cutting and editing an mp4 file ain’t easy. I thought a simple google search would give me the tool, but  soon found out that the ones which do this, do it for a price. Quicktime has the capability but the Professional version ( which costs money) has to be downloaded. Finally I found a cool tool called avidemux which edits all kinds of audio/video files). They have a very groovy GUI and my job was done in minutes.

I know I promised some of you guys that I will take a closer look at your products and give my take on that. That will happen in the next couple of days.


2 Responses to “PROTO : Video Upload Completed”

  1. Krishnan said

    Hi Gokul.. thanks for posting the videos.. i am not finding fault.. lets be clear 😉 just providing feedback.. i dont know if you already know this.. i found two videos that do not have audio.. one was novatium and other was support magic.. just fyi..

    thanks again !!

    krishnan iyer
    seattle, wa

  2. tggokul said

    Hi Krishnan,

    Your comments are most welcome. As I had mentioned, I did not get a chance to see the video ( I saw the real deal, didn’t I 🙂 ). So it is likely that they might have issues. Audio is feeble in most of the presentations. The one or two I checked out, I had to put it through an amplifier. And if I do this again, I will surely try to do it better.

    Thanks again for your valuable inputs. Hope to see you more here.


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