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PROTO : Video Upload (contd…)

Posted by tggokul on January 22, 2007

Guys, I have uploade d seventy percent of the videos of the demos. The rest I could not because the duration of their demo was more than 10 minutes and hence can’t upload to Youtube. ( This is what happens if you exceed the time given to you 🙂 ) I would need to see whether I can edit these ( they are in mp4 format) and once I get done ( it will not be today) with that I will post it. The companies whose presentations have issues are
1) Drishti
2) iXigo
3) Taaza
4) Novatium
5) Aumega Networks
6) SupportMagic
7) DeepRootLinux

The demos of rest of the companies must work fine. I will be honest. I have not seen these videos after I uploaded them, so please make sure that I have the right/full presentation and if you guys have some issues, please let me know and I will do the needful.

There are a couple of people I need to thank, without whom this would have never been possible. Jayadev and Praveen, my colleagues who did an awesome and patient job of videographing the entire event. Good job guys.

Now that I am almost done with the logistics, I will get back to my job of analytical blogging. For starters, I plan to blog about a few companies and their products which I will test-drive in the next few days. I had set a few goals and expectations before the event and I will review those and hand out the report card.

So, stay tuned. We are just warming up here.


One Response to “PROTO : Video Upload (contd…)”

  1. Thanks Gokul. Appreciate the effort.

    Nag.B @

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