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PROTO : Unleash networks

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

Unleash Networks are into Network Analysis and packet sniffing. Will be demoing the new product Unsniff Netwok Analyzer. The advantages include better visualization, re-construction of packets. Monitors and extracts from the streams. Extensibility is a huge advantage. Unleash Networks provides a development environment for application development. Support on Windows 2k, XP, Vista. Check out the video below.

Vivek demoed the product with the different screens and also took a look at the Unscript developer pack which included Unsniff scripting Guide.


5 Responses to “PROTO : Unleash networks”

  1. […] coverage of the event ( and I find it hard to blog once a week !) He has written about our talk here. I must sheepishly admit that I have not met him before this event even though Unleash works so […]

  2. Gokul, the video quality is bad. You can blame it on the lighting.

    Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that you upload all the videos. I’m sure there will be folks interested in getting some info about these companies.

    Great work, again.

  3. tggokul said

    Hi Kiruba,

    Yes, I agree it isn’t too great. But it was a gamble with an N72. I will post the videos nevertheless, but it will be done over the course of the next few days since the content is huge and it takes forever from my home network. If there are any suggestions as to how I could do this faster, do let me know.


  4. Krishnan said

    Gokul – The video was bad, the Audio was great! So good job.. You saved me a bundle!! Thanks for doing this

    Krishnan Iyer
    Seattle, WA

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