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PROTO : Wirkle

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

They build mobile solutions for the enterprise. They have built a framework which allows the client on the mobile phone to pull from the server various data ( like feeds/email . You get the point.)

The framework provides support for collaboration ( forums, group messaging etc). They also have a mobile social networking solution (That officially crosses the limit I set for companies talking about social networking 🙂 )You can view the video of their demo below.


One Response to “PROTO : Wirkle”

  1. Hi Gokul,

    I just want to clarify one point, the solution is not just for pulling data (like feeds/emails), but one very significant point is, the framework allows one to do 3rd party authentication, support online/offline capability, audio/video support in a generic fashion using an XML based protcol. The mobile UI can be changed/configured via a markup without doing any development on the mobile side. This enables to build and deploy enterprise applications much rapidly as compared to writing custom applications from scratch.

    We are building not just pure social networking products but are using our platform for solutins within enterprises like the Service helpdesk industry.



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