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PROTO : Vembu

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

Vembu is into data backup space. Are going to demo their StoreGrid Service Provider software. This is for online backing for service providers.

Have a whole lot of focus on usability without comprising on functionality. Support across all heterogenous systems. Easy managibility for the service provider.

Focus is on SMB and Remote Office Business Office. They do it through partnerships with service providers. Focussed mainly on US service providers. You can see the video of their demo here.


4 Responses to “PROTO : Vembu”

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  2. Lux said

    Thanks for your (and your friends, Jayadev and Praveen) efforts towards covering Proto, and especially for the videos.
    If / when you’d like more info on Vembu StoreGrid, feel free to get in touch.
    Best regards

  3. tggokul said

    Hi Lakshman,

    I would certainly be interested in learning more about StoreGrid. Let me know how I can go about it. Do you have technical brochures I can take a look at?


  4. Lux said

    Sure thing,Gokul,
    Please email me at lux AT vembu THISISADOT com – let me know where I can send these brochures etc / or your tel no, and we’ll take it up from there?

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