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PROTO : Tracbac

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

As of today, most of the visual problems are trying to be fixed by Audio (phone calls) and textual(email) solutions. Tracbac addresses this by enabling visual collaboration by which UI can be collaborated between concerned parties.

I have serious questions. We have a LCS in our office and we collaborate all our designs ( which include Visio Network diagrams, code in Eclipse and normal textfiles). So why would be need Tracbac? I think Tracbac might have a price advantage over Microsoft. But if you are talking about a huge enterprise, wouldn’t they prefer LCS considering the other features? Am I missing something here?You can view the video of their demo below.

2 Responses to “PROTO : Tracbac”

  1. Narain said

    TracBac presently aims at the design verticals like designers, advertising agencies, creative professionals and not the typical IT environment. What differentiates TracBac from Visio is 1. its web based collaboration & not creation software 2. it provides meeting capabilities in its final release to help people to collaborate in real time [Think of WebEx meets Virtual PC meets Visio :)]3. TracBac is looking at the UI design collaboration problem beyond Visio, by enabling collaboration and commenting part of it. 4. Our present target audiences are the long tail of the design community [Web, Graphic, Industrial, 2D, 3D] than more on the tech crowd.

    Hope this answers your query.

  2. tggokul said

    Hi Narain,

    That does answer my query. I guess eight minutes is too less of a time to answer all the details 🙂 Anyway, I did want to meet up with you after the event, but I couldn’t find you. I appreciate that you took the time to answer my queries.


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