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PROTO : SpotEazy

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

SpotEazy is a product that helps you in Product Search and then couple it with Product recommendation. This engine reads through Reviews/User reviews/Manifacturer recommendations etc.

It has an option of comparing different products that are displayed. Very nice. Am curious to see how they are reading through the reviews. And is there a geographical constraint ?This is a site I am going to check out to get my new phone.

They have not yet released their product. Their website is http://www.spoteazy.com. As of now, the only customer durables that are supported are mobiles. hopefully they would extend it to other durables as well.You can view the video of their demo below.

3 Responses to “PROTO : SpotEazy”

  1. lakshmi said

    the products that we intend to cover for recommendations are specific to those availale in the indian market – while the rest of the content doesnt have any geographical contraint. the same would apply to deals as well.

    we are ramping up on different categories soon. 🙂 btw that was some quick blogging – you managed to cover every demo made at proto.

  2. tggokul said

    Hi laskshmi,

    Thanks for the answers and I look forward to using your site. Is there a Beta site available somewhere so that I can play around?


  3. lakshmi said

    there is still some way to go before we can claim to have crossed the prototype stage (alpha?). while i dint mention this at the demo, we use a few NLP techniques to automate reading of reviews and ranking – and we are focussing on tuning this over the next few months.

    drop us a line at support@spoteazy.com, we’d like to have your feedback.

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