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Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

From what I am hearing, they are talking about a relevance search on the mobile phone. Let us say you SMS for one ringtone, they are recommedations for other similar ringtones.

Their product Empathy, keeps track of your responses and see whether the SMS is of relevance to the user. The application understands the preferences of the user.

Bad news though, My N72 ran out of memory even as this presentation was underway and only parts of it could be recorded. Sorry guys 😦 You can view part of that video below.

2 Responses to “PROTO : SPINAXYS”

  1. Vaasu said

    Hi Guys, we are an internet startup in Singapore in the area of shopping. We are looking for a mobile phone partner who can help shoppers access info on our portal via non-gprs cell phones.Are you guys interested ?

  2. k said


    Thanks for the comment and really sorry about the delay in our response to your comment.

    About your question, sure thing. Just sent a reply over to you.

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