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PROTO : SaffronConnect

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

There you go. The first mention about Social Networking 🙂  SaffronConnect is a social networking platform that also lets you upload/download digitial content. Kind of itunes meets Orkut 🙂

One cool feature is that it lets the owner of the content ( audio/video) connect with the person who is listening to his album. 70% of the revenue generated around the content goes to the artist and the album uploaded can be distributed to other channels ( like itunes, yahoo etc). Their site is http://www.saffronconnect.com.

You can view the video of their demo below.


One Response to “PROTO : SaffronConnect”

  1. Hi,

    We have started an online music community called Muziboo.com which aims to connect musicians at all levels and playing all kinds of music and help them help each other …

    There is no market place right now but do check it out

    Prateek Dayal

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