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Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

Their products revolve around Online photo printing and photo personalization. It does not revolve around online photos alone and they have a delivery model where the actual photos are shipped to the place (in India) which you specify within four days.

It provides an option to personalize the photos and create new portraits and then ship like specified above. They are targetting the Non-Resident-Indians who want to send their photos to their dear ones here in India.

Their website is www.picsquare.com You can view the video of their demo below.


4 Responses to “PROTO : PICSQUARE”

  1. manish said

    hey thanks for covering the event live and writing about picsquare. really appreciate your effort i am sure its very helpful for someone who is not able to attend. would be glad to meet. drop me a line call me at 9901960007

  2. […] by tggokul on January 25th, 2007 I wanted to play around with PicSquare and created an account for myself.  Pretty neat site and not complicated at all. This would pass […]

  3. hi thr!

    thought you would be interested to know about a new service that we have launched at Picsquare. this new service would enable Flickr users to print their flick photos at Picsquare to know more please refer the following links:


  4. manish said

    Hi Gokul,

    As we are aware that Yahoo Photos is closing for Indian users on October 18, 2007. Yahoo is allowing its users to migrate photos to Flickr which is undoubtedly a great photo sharing site. However, there are limitation like limited storage space for free account and Indian users can use Flickr only for sharing photographs.

    To allow users to do more with their photographs Picsquare (www.picsquare.com) providing you an option of importing their Yahoo photo to Picsquare.

    – Picsquare provides unlimited free storage space.
    – Not only share photographs but also order photo prints online and get the prints delivered anywhere in India.
    – Create various products like mug, t-shirt, calendar, poster using photographs

    For more details please visit this link: http://www.picsquare.com/pages/newsletter/yahooNewsLetter.htm

    Manish Agrawal

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