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PROTO : Novatium

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

Novatium looks into utility/grid compauting to simplify a full fledged computer. Their product Nova Netpc’s features include UPS, no heat dissipation (power of 5 Watts) no booting up. Has partnered with SUN Microsystems to take it to the end customer.

The pricing is close to Rs.4500 (100$) with a service fee of close to 10$ every month. Have done a beta testing using a cable operator.

Ok, I am getting bored here. I wanted to see an actual DEMO and not some marketing talk. They did show the card that goes into the board but I wanted to see more than that. Not very impressed. Their demo video has been loaded as two parts. You can view them below

Part 1 of Presentation

Part 2 of Presentation

3 Responses to “PROTO : Novatium”

  1. Novatium said

    The demo was “on” just beneath the stage – we had mentioned it. The presentation was to be on it but for some last minute logistics issue.

    You are most welcome to visit us at 3rd floor, Temple Towers, Anna Salai, Nandanam, Chennai. Our whole company uses Nova netPC and so do some leading customers.


  2. tggokul said

    Hi Novatium team,

    I would be more than happy to visit you guys and see the real deal. My disappointment steps from the fact that I had heard so much about your netPc and I was really forward to it.

    And yes, I was aware that the demo was beneath the stage. But the other presentations had started and some of us could not come and see it. It would have been great, had we got a chance to look at it after the event.


  3. krishna said

    Hey Novatium,

    I attended Proto.in and I found your presentation very impressive. Learning from the mobile phone econoics, your business logic is spot on. I loved it when you said “We learn that by reducing the cost of the equipment and adding a monthly calling cost as a variable, mobile industry has achieved monstrous momentum”..I wanna drop at your office and take a look at how the concept implies to an enterprise user. One troubling question is to see where USBs or headphone jacks are..which are essential for a call center environment.

    No wonder, such innovations will crate a push in product development space in India


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