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PROTO : Drishti

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

Presented by Sachin Bhatia one of the co-founders of Drishti.

Are into the call center domain. They were started by IIT graduates. Are looking at the SME caller center market.

They are demoing their DACX Unicontact Suite : basically a middleware that integrates the communication system (PBX,Email) and the Application System (CRM,ERP).  I see this more as a glorified CTI.

IVRS : They have a rapid development tool ( drag/drop). I assume that the tool throws out a VXML out. I am already thinking this is more like CVP (Audium) given by Cisco.

This seems like an interesting product, but I am also a little cynical about this. I would elaborate more on this later. Their demo video has been loaded as two parts. You can view them below

Part 1 of Presentation

Part 2 of Presentation


14 Responses to “PROTO : Drishti”

  1. Hi,

    This was an interesting post but certainly it has many wrong perceptions embedded. Just trying to clarify them:

    1. DACX doesn’t require any PBX or dialogic cards to work. That it can be integrated with any legacy PBX, or Call Manager for that matter, is just an additional feature. DACX even comes with a default CRM and database to provide complete inbound/outbound/self-help functionalities, as a stand-alone product.
    2. A glorified CTI cannot give a Holistic Customer Management and Unified Queue Management (unified queue of email/vouce/chat and a single view of all email, voice and chat transactions coming from a single source. At least I have not seen one).
    3. DACX is a 100% software product that reduces hardware investment by up to 70% compared to legacy solutions. To be able to provide very high scalability (read thousands of channels), features, and reliability at that investment is an unbeatable value proposition.

    If there are any more doubts regarding the solution, I humbly ask you to get it clarified first, before actually getting it published.


  2. tggokul said

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for clarifying certain things. I still stand by my ‘glorified CTI’ comment, for the only reason you guys are trying to provide an alternative to Cisco’s IPCC solution ( of the many solution) and I see their IPCC solution itself as glorified CTI. And btw Cisco’s UC (Unified Communication) suite does provide the integrated view for email,chat,voice and data.

    And fyi, the blogging was done live and I did happen to talk with Sachin after the meet and you probably could get the updates from him.

    I believe DACK is an interesting product and Sachin is supposed to get back to me with certain details ( like architecture) and hopefully that will give a clearer picture.


  3. Hey Gokul

    Was a pleasure having that brief discussion with you.

    Well “glorified CTI” may not be contested here as to justify finally it is some computer program trying to integrate application and communication. But that would be too general a notion for a system, and might not be justice with DACX or IPCC for that matter.

    Writing a program using TAPI with a pop-up thrown on screen will also be a CTI. 🙂

    Anyways, I thank you for discussing the product and your views.

    I will be sending some Architecture information, as it seems worth discussing.

    Also any comment on DACX UniContact (The stuff that I shared) will also be appreciated.

    I am summarizing the value that CCS (the current product) brings on the table:

    – World class features [85-90% Ans Machine detection, VoIP profiler ]
    – Latest Technology [Can directly talk to SIP / (ISDN too ofcourse)]
    – Based on Industry grade Linux server, no switch or PBX is necessary [H/w cost savings upto 70%]
    – Flexible – Can integrate with a existing PBX or a call manager or a media gateway
    – Available as Hosted / Premises implementations
    – all In one Predictive dialer / ACD / IVRS / Voice Logger / Reporter in one solution.

    A video Demo of DACX CCS can be found at http://www.drishti-soft.com/videmo/index.htm

    – Sachin Bhatia

  4. tggokul said

    Hi Sachin,

    Fair enough. I don’t see CTI has just screen-pops but then others may view it just that and that is not what IPCC or DACX does.

    I will take a look at the VoD and the other material and will let you know my views.


  5. Found a link that you might find interesting. dialerwar.wordpress.com

    Enjoy 🙂

  6. tggokul said

    Interesting read. Thanks for the link.


  7. dialerwar said

    Searched for our video on youtube? Is it there? Good work mann !!!

  8. tggokul said

    I am in the process of uploading it to Youtube. Your video might have some issues though. See it is more than ten minutes and so Youtube is not allowing me to upload it. Is there a way I could do this without cutting and editing the clip ad then posting?


  9. Thanks for the video buddy .. No voice though .. may be some panga in my mac.

    – Cheers!

  10. tggokul said

    I just checked you video in my laptop. It is less audible then the other presentations. Try to connect it thorugh an amplifier instead of a headset. Might be better.

  11. pk said

    I am still not sure of what make your solution unique or what is your USP.

    – Linux based CTI & call management software exist a lot in open source compatible with Digium or other hardware. most also support SIP, VoIP

    – Most allow scripting of addons to allow features like predictive dialing, doing analysis of your calls and generating patterns.. for managment.

  12. sunil said

    We are using a similar solution called C-Zentrix from http://www.tvtworld.com.

    They have a similar product, that’s a single box solution but with new innovative unique ideas and new style dialers which are uniquely available or may not be available.

    I have seen their product and it’s worth to be compared with any international product, it’s a single box solution and much advanced.

    They may claim the USP.

  13. Amit Wadhera said

    The recent survey by the leading telecom consultant has thrown an astonishing winner in C-Zentrix whose market share has risen the maximum in last 6 months and has been termed as the fastest growing call center solution i India.

    It has been also rated as the 45 most innovative solutions to be created by a startup (in this case TVT which has developed C-Zentrix) in India and has brought a new concept of having integrated financial, insurance , share broking CRMs with call center telephony modules. Its truly revolutionized the in house calling for major financial institutions. Industry is really looking forward to TVT for more such solution.

  14. Danny said

    C-Zentrix rated as the 10th best VoIP solution in the world for substituting Avaya or Cisco by VoIP Insider.


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