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PROTO : DesiCrew Solutions Pvt Ltd

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

It is a company that outsources work to the rural area. This would make a lot of sense since infrastructure is available ( not great, but available nevertheless), low cost and very low attrition.

Rural BPO is quite an interesting concept and I hope to blog about this more in the future. But as it was noted Security is a huge problem in rural areas.

Desicrew has come up with different levels of services that can be performed by people based on knowledge/capabilities. They have developed a Workflow management tool to distribute work. Whatever is the feasibility, it is quite a noble cause.You can view the video of their demo below.

3 Responses to “PROTO : DesiCrew Solutions Pvt Ltd”

  1. Saloni said

    The point is to make it feasible and work like a business. We can prove that it is feasible to publishers/ existing BPO companies/ government departments/ PSUs and other organizations. Please contact me at saloni@tenet.res.in to do a pilot and check for yourself if a rural BPO works for your organization.

  2. […] DesiCrew( Taking technology mediated work to rural areas ) […]

  3. Jaspinder Singh said

    Without a shadow of doubt, the Business Model of DesiCrew is robust, innovative and capable of having a high magnitude positive impact on rural economy. The endeavor of Desicrew is even more laudable taking into notice the 70% representation of women in its workforce.
    The question “Will the idea of innovative social enterprise appeal to the customers?” Set the bells ringing in my head. Therefore, I did a little bit of research about the market. There is overwhelming proof that social impact of DesiCrew does/will affect decisions of customers but I believe its biggest selling point is the cost competitiveness of up to 40% because at the end of the day, bottom line matters the most for any company. This claim is definitely credible because of DesiCrew’s reduced operating costs.
    DesiCrew seems to be successfully encountering the issue of rural infrastructure development. Although DesiCrew has new service offerings like GIS based mapping services to its kitty yet acknowledging its growth rate, I am curious about the management’s approach and action plan to address the challenge of adding more service offerings as the business scales and associated complexities of acquiring quality talent and training the workforce accordingly.
    I have a firm view that DesiCrew is a promising enterprise and viable alternative to the urban BPOs.

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