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PROTO: DeepRootLinux

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

DeepRootLinux develops applications on the Linux platform and their focus is to provide ease of use and at the same time give the flexibility of open source.

Deepofix Mail Server is their product and this product is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange

They provide the whole OS which can be installed easily and that installs the Mail Server and helps in Mail Server management. Inbuilt anti-spam and anti-virus engines. The whole mail server is built on top of LDAP and mailing-lists are managed by LDAP. ( including user management)

The installation CDs are available in the venue. I plan to pick up one and install it one of my office PCs and play around with it. You can also download it at http://start.deeproot.in. Their demo video has been loaded as two parts. You can view them below

Part 1 of Presentation

Part 2 of Presentation

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