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PROTO : Aumega Networks

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

Aumega  is showcasing its product Indus Live. They are into the enterprise computing domain, and they build SDKs (with compiler, network middleware, runtime) to publish software as a service on any of the network. Basically they are talking about a P2P solution here.

These SDKs help in generating an application once and deploy it in different networks ( networks here mean, PC-PC, PC-phone etc).

This helps the application developer ( who is developing the new service) not to worry about the underlying network/security/firewall etc. Very smart and sure is a great solution for enterprises.

They have different level SDKs one of them is open source. That is something, I might play around with when I get the time. I might even write a publish a new service soon 🙂

Their demo video has been loaded as two parts. You can view them below

Part 1 of Presentation

Part 2 of Presentation


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