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List of Companies presenting at PROTO

Posted by tggokul on January 21, 2007

I just got the exclusive list of companies presenting at PROTO and they are as folllows.

1) Dristi
2) Slok1
3) Value First
4) Unleash Networks
5) Vembu
6) I Create
7) Nabh Systems
8) SaffronConnect
9) Ixigo
10) SERaja
11) SpotEazy
12) PicSquare
13) Taazza
14) Novatium
15) Smart Pundits
16) Kallos
17) TenMiles
18) DesiCrew
19) TracBac
20) Deep Office
21) Aumega
22) Gensis
23) Wizdom
24) Wirkle
25) Thinkway
26) SpinAxis
27) CI

I have heard about some of the companies. But most of them are pretty much unknowns and that is just increased my curiosity level.


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