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Posted by tggokul on January 17, 2007

I am a big time YouTube user and most of my free time is spent watching crazy stuff from that site. But then, I have never contributed video (So I am not the ‘You’ who was awarded the Time’s person of the year) before; mostly because I don’t have a photogenic face and that kind of rules out the only person who would act in a video made by me ūüôā

But I wanted to load a video to test out embedding a video in my blog. My wife is an accountant and goes regularly to her client’s place and her internet access is limited to certain sites. She can visit my blog, but she cannot go to youtube. (Actually, it is much more weird than that. When she tries to go directly to my blog by typing https://tggokul.wordpress.com, it does not allow her, but if she googles out my blog and then click on their link it works. Weird,right??????)

So I am checking whether embedding video in my page will work .This might be a very dumb test and I am kind of sure that it will not work since the xml code in this blog actually goes to the webpage to get the video,  but hey I belong to the telecom world and I need to see it in action before I believe it. So I have loaded a funny Steffi Graf video in YouTube. I am embedding that in this webpage and will ask my wife to verify. The video is at the end of this blog.

If this works, we might have just found a way to circumvent her client’s internet access policy and that is always a good thing. There is nothing like breaking/circumventing rules, is it?. Looks like it is still not working. The video¬†is websensed and rejected. My evil plans have been foiled :(. Worse still, her computer hung up on her and she had to restart. Needless to say, she is not too pleased with me¬†as of¬†this minute.

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