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Six more days to Go!!

Posted by tggokul on January 16, 2007

Just six more days for Proto and I can already sense excitement in the technology world in India.From what I hear, not only are there are going to be some very good companies showing their products for the first time, we might also see some companies who are looking for positive publicity (It might be their IPO year, afterall). Now that surely is a combination for success.

Earlier I had blogged that the Proto team were going to release the list of shortlisted companies. I got a clarification from Vijay, that the selected companies will be the only ones informed and the general public would be in the dark till gameday. I believe it might be due to the fact that the selected companies might want to keep their products under wrap till the last minute.

Before I attend any of the conferences, I set a list of expectations and based on how many of these are met, I rate them as a success from “Gokul’s” point of view (What might not be relevant to me might be totally relevant to another individual). I set these for Cisco Security Conference I attended as well. Now this is what I would like to see/do in the conference.

1) Get to see atleast one disruptive product (I don’t hope to see an iphone revealed, but atleast one product that has the vision to go a long way)
2) See products from various verticals and altleast three from the telecom domain.
3) I am kind of expecting few companies in the Mobile segment and would be thrilled if there are companies in the VoIP/IMS domains.(Though thinking about it, there are a very few companies building products in that segment. Maybe I will see some new ones I am not aware of).
4) On a personal front, get to network with quite a few number of people.(OK, mostly VCs).

Having set my expectations , these are my takes on what I will hear a lot about during the conference.
1) Security : Security is such a buzz word these days, and there will be companies offering certain products on that.
2) AJAX : I am willing to bet money that AJAX will be mentioned more than three times. Talking about AJAX, you might want to check this smart blog on ZDNET as to how the iphone might popularize AJAX.
3) Social Networking : This will be a common theme among Web 2.0 and the mobile companies.

Needless to say, I am excited and raring to go . If WiFi is available, I would be able to give you guys a regular update from the venue. If I can do half a good job as Om and his colleagues ( covering CES), I will be quite contended. Gonna keep my fingers crossed on that one.


3 Responses to “Six more days to Go!!”

  1. Vijay said

    You’d be pleasantly surprised.

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