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‘You’ really not that smart

Posted by tggokul on January 14, 2007

‘You’ was named the Time’s person of the year and so far it is not exactly living upto that reputation. Now I am all for ‘Freedom of speech” and the crap that comes with it, but if user generated video/online video is going to replace conventional media, I am already sensing trouble if there is going to be no censorship. When I talk censorship, I am not talking about Government intervention or forced editing. I am talking about  self-censorship which is prevalent today in the Newspaper/TV worlds where the editor/senior management censor/kill certain news items. It is not always for appeasement; Most times it is because of basic decency which is not to hurt other people’s sentiments.

This post is a result of a latest Youtube video ( I am not going to post a link here and give more publicity. You can always google it.) which depicts Gandhi on a stripper pole shouting obscenities. This has raised such a furore in India, and the reason being two irresponsible TV stations showed this in their respective channels which is kind of stupid.( I believe in “What happens online stays online”).  The last time there was a similar fuss in India was when Danish cartoons depicted Allah has a terrorist and Christian agitations when ‘Da Vinci Code’ was released. At this point you can’t but admire Gandhi and his teachings of Non-Violence. The past events lead to destruction of property and violent protests whereas this time the protests were conducted in the most admirable Non-Violent manner. The government too for a change did not over-react and ban YouTube ( like other governments). The irony is Gandhi and his values came out stronger because of this event.

The question is not whether Gautham( the pinhead who created this video) has the freedom to do this or not. Ofcourse he does. So do the large amount of reporters whose stories are edited every day by their bosses for the greater good. Question is who is going to edit Gautham? I used to believe ( still do) that online entertainment is the future. Now I am just afraid for it.


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