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Posted by tggokul on January 12, 2007

I had blogged about GetHuman earlier. I said that I have mailed the folks there and am waiting for their replies. Lorna Rankin, Director of GetHuman was kind enough to reply to my queries. There are certain things I agree with and certain things I believe might not be exactly black or white.

I had asked her whether it would help if companies that write IVR applications get in touch with GetHuman folks and run through the call flow. Her response was

“Not sure if it would solve the problem. I think that the issue is not only the application, but also (and possibly more importantly) how it is implemented. Decisions around implementation are influenced by the companies that develop the system, and those that are hired to advise on implementation. However, the ultimate decisions are made by the execs at the companies. They need to understand the impact of those decisions. Unfortunately, their decisions are sometimes influenced by their role at the company ( i.e. marketing wants to push the website, legal wants to cover all bases, call center execs want to contain consumers to decrease their cost and increase their bonuses, etc.).

So, to answer your question, we have had conversations with the companies that develop the systems and those that advise on implementation. Some push for the right decisions, some do not. But they do feel somewhat limited by the company executives. “

This is where I have to disagree. Executives in countries like India are as clueless as the final customer and are more or less  influenced by other implementations. So it might not be all fair to blame them. It is upto the IVR application providers/implementers or open forums like GetHuman to drive these executives. The question then is ( as I discussed with one of the senior executives in my company), who should take the lead. For example if an IVR application development comes to our company, by the time it comes to a Techie all the calls flows are well defined and approved ( In most cases, the customer himself provides the call flows and we just develop them). My contention is, this education has to be done by people who act as the closest touch point to the customer. Otherwise it is just too late. Pre-sales needs to do it.

It is sad that most IVR applications fail the “Mom” test and that is why GetHuman wants the humans.  Make the menus easier, don’t be too verbose. That should help. But hey bottom line is “waiting in a queue is never fun”.


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