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Deeper analysis of VoIP


Posted by tggokul on January 11, 2007

I came across this neat site which talks about the difficulties people face as they go through an IVR prompts when they try to reach customer care.

(Note * : I work for a company which is a leader in building IVR applications). Now, I totally understand situations where people have to fend off the IVR when the situation demands immediate attention by an available customer rep. ( Like when a credit card is lost, reservations for the next available flight etc). Trust me,the IVR call flows that are written do take this into account, but as it always turns out, the final customer always does something different, making him/her getting caught in a loop. These have to be avoided and we will need to take extra care. Accepted.. At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt much to listen to the options, there is always a chance the IVR might address your queries. Just give it a chance.

While you are in GetHuman.com check out their blogs as well. It gives a very good insight into what future implementations need to address. It is very simplle. These are the pain-points.

1) Bad implementation of IVR : Poor call flows that confuses the public. What needs to be done is there should be an unwritten rule that there can’t be more than 3 options in any Menu. Provide an option to reach an agent anytime during the IVR and this needs to told explicitly to the customer.
2) Correct Wait Times are not provided : The statistics to measure the wait times are so skewed up.
3) Callback is rarely offered : I think if this is implemented, we will have much happier customers. Only thing, let them know at the time of call, when they can expect a callback. No point if the call is going to be returned after 2 weeks!
4) Option to get Caller’s number and leave a Voice mail after business hours.

I have mailed the guys there asking whether they would be ready to try Beta versions of new IVR call flows that we develop and give us feedbacks for improving our solutions. Am hoping to get an answer from them soon.


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