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YOU’s Video Internet phone

Posted by tggokul on January 7, 2007

Bombay based YOU telecom ( Not be confused with the YOU, Time’s person of the year) has announced that it is going to offer video telephony services based on VoIP in the near future. YOU already offers VoIP Services for its registered users in the main metros in India. The VoIP phones that are already used by these users can now be exchanged to get the new video phones that have been obtained by YOU from a Taiwan company. These phones are kind of expensive ( Rs.17000 or roughly 400 $) and I don’t think the majority would be able to afford that.

I most likely see this being bought only by the affluent lot who thrive on the “Wow” factor ( i.e, your friends go “wow’ on seeing it). YOU’s CEO, Chakravarthy feels that within a year he hopes for this price to fall to Rs.5000 (90$).  I will believe that when I see it.  There is also hope that regulations will be relaxed to open up VoIP in India ( I again am cynical about this. This has been talked about for nearly two years now and they are nowhere close to getting it done).

I don’t use YOU’s services ( though they offer it here where I stay) and if they can pilot this out, I might be tempted to go fo it.

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