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Cracking JTAPI : contd

Posted by tggokul on December 21, 2006

I have closed one of the open items I was discussing in my blog yesterday. There is a simpler way to do call-forwarding like I had guessed.

What I had assumed yesterday was that Call-Forwarding will be done on the “Call” Object ( i.e there would be a call-forward function in the “Call” object or those that extend this) and there were no such functions. Delving deeper, I found out that there is a redirect function in the “Connection” class (CallControlConnection class to be more specific). Ah,ah, that makes sense. When you take SIP, it is based on connections, dialogs etc. So the redirect would be on the connection and not in the call. Basing it on the Call is old school thought. So JTAPI is definitely part of the “fresh blood”. I used this and it works like a charm

Just when I was elated that I have fixed one issue, two more cropped up. From my initial anlaysis I don’t see any object capturing the CDRs for any given call. I am sure there are some hooks for that, but I am yet to see them. Alas, looks like more reading.

There is a much bigger problem,though. As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, I was monitoring/controlling IP phones. I had assumed that we could do the same for Voice Gateways/ Analog ports that are controlled by the Call Manager. Looks like it is not possible. That sucks. If I cannot control the VG then how in the name of god can I write applications for subscribers in the PSTN/Mobile ( or in Cisco lingo “Offnet” calls) world?

Anyway as Colin Forbes would say, this is is where the “The plot thickens”. Hopefully there would be a final showdown where ‘good’ ( which is me) comes out victorious !!!


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