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Celebrating the ‘U’ in Gokul

Posted by tggokul on December 18, 2006

OK, It is that time of that year when the bourgeois look towards the all mighty TIME to know who/what has influenced the world most during that year. And the condescending TIME has chosen ‘You’ as the person of the year, thanks to all the user generated content emphasized by the likes of YouTube and social networking sites like Orkut/Myspace etc.

Now this is my problem with their selection. How did ‘You’ , ‘I’ , ‘We’ ( you get the point)change the world? If we are the most influential people, how do different autocrats still rule against the wishes of the majority, how are policies still made, that are against the sentiments of the majority, why does the average Joe still think that his voice will never be heard and shrinks into his own shell with cynicism?

If they had named YouTube has the person of the year, I would have backed them to the hilt. YouTube has changed the way content is being generated and de-centralized, but please don’t say ‘You’ made the difference. It is making mockery of our intelligence and just another way to make us feel good. We will feel good when we have reasons to, not when I have an opportunity to upload a racial slur of Michael Richards.

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