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Cisco Call Manager : A closure

Posted by tggokul on December 11, 2006

We finally got the correct license file from Cisco support ( to know the history click here and here) and after we installed it in our Call Manager, Voila everything worked like a charm and we made some basic calls with IP phones.

So we did finally manage to install the Cisco Call Manager, though it took atleast 3 more days than it should have. Hey, but then the key learning (also heart warming) is we are not the only ones you make these kind of mistakes. Smart guys in Cisco make them as well 🙂


2 Responses to “Cisco Call Manager : A closure”

  1. […] Now what I have been upto? As my previous blogs suggest, I am very involved with the Cisco Call Manager and I am currently trying out different things with JTAPI so that we can write applications on top of the Cisco Call Manager and probably control Cisco based IPT ( IP Telephony) and IPCC ( IP Contact Centre) solution […]

  2. uma said


    can we use julmar atapi for accessing Cisco tapi and call manager. Is it correct way to go or any other way to use Cisco tapi from .net application.

    Pl help me. it is a urgent project.\

    Thanks in advance.

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