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Posted by tggokul on December 7, 2006

I have been hearing great things about Cisco’s Telepresence product, but so far did not have a chance to see a live demo. Jon Arnold was in one of those demos (ok, I envy him) and he has been kind enough to post a video of this demo in his blog. Absolutely amazing ( good job Jon). Man, did it look real or what. Jon says

The demo was very smooth, relaxed and comfortable. It’s very life-like, and the meeting table is designed so the party on the other side of the “table” looks very much to be in the room and attached to the table we were sitting at. It’s a great effect, and it’s no surprise that a Hollywood cinematographer was consulted early on.

They have gone through quite a pain to get this done. Good job. As one of the guys in the audience noted ‘its unsettling”. It indeed was!!! Need to know when they are coming down here. So guys, send this solution for approval from your bosses (I am pretty sure mine will not be approved 🙂  ) and stay home and work. Let’s cut down on the carbon emissions and save the world!!!

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