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Tis the Season to Blog

Posted by tggokul on December 2, 2006

It has been a month since I started blogging and after looking at the search words that lead people to my blog, it looks likes there is a whole lot of interest in the following areas

1) Performance ( blogs here and here ). This kind of makes me feel bad since I have still not got around to my subsequent experiences in Multi Threading and Java optimizations. I promise to do that in the next few days when I get some free time.
2) Cisco – Anything related to Cisco these days seems to raise a lot of interest. My blogs just rode that wave.
3) VoIP/IMS – Say SIP and people are ready to take a dip ( blogs here)

To see the above mentioned topics garner most hits is kind of heartening for me because these three are my favourite subjects ( not necessarily in the same order) and it is good to know that I can write more about what I know rather than learn something new to please the masses 🙂

Anyway my fellow readers, thanks for the support these days and I hope to, as Emeril would put it , ‘Kick it up by a notch’ in the ensuing days.


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