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Is Avaya closing the Gap?

Posted by tggokul on November 30, 2006

I had written a couple of blogs earlier ( link here and here) about the growing competition between Cisco and Avaya in the Unified Communication space. What struck me as odd before and I had briefly touched upon in this my earlier blog, was that Avaya has been doing this for a much longer time than Cisco or Microsoft, yet when you talk about this space, there is more visibility for SONA ( Service Oriented Network Architecture) from Cisco or Office Communication Server (from Microsoft). Avaya has been literally invisible in this segment.

Looks like the kids there in Avaya have realized it as well ( man, I should have been their marketing VP 🙂 ). Martyn Lambert, VP, Product and Services Marketing in one of the announcements has been quoted as saying

Avaya has had UC for a long time, from the early days of voice mail integration through to modular messaging and the like. So we’ve been looking at what the market has done and what competitors have done, and looking at  where we were and deciding how should we respond to the way the market has moved. [The recent] announcements were a part of that overall strategy.

They have restructured the company as well to cater to the different needs of customers in the UC space. This is a very good start. Avaya sure has a distinct advantage over Cisco in the sense most of the enterprises run on the incumbent Avaya switches and moving over to Cisco ( to take advantage of IP technology) is not mandatory and they can stick with Avaya (for the same IP technology) at a lesser price. Now the real challenge for Avaya is to convince customers that they are in par with Cisco if not better in the IP space.  I believe this would be the reason why they have partnered with Juniper.

Whatever the case might be, fact of the matter is Avaya is on the move and ready to reclaim lost ground.

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  1. […] see three teams in this Unified Communication space. Nortel-Microsoft, Avaya-Juniper ( I had written about this before) and Cisco on one side of the ring. Cisco was having a free ride so far removing […]

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