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Posted by tggokul on November 29, 2006

Some of you folks might be aware of the National Skills Registry and if you are, skip this blog. This is old news for you. The rest continue reading.

The National Skills Registry is an initiative by NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies the Indian chamber of Commerce that serves as an interface to the Indian Software industry) . The reasoning behind this intiative as explained by the website

One of the major concerns that global clients at present have is that the personal and private information of their citizens is being handled by persons employed by Indian IT industry and that IT industry does not know them well. The Indian industry has met this concern by engaging third party entities to conduct background check of persons selected to be employed in the IT industry. The practice of background check is quite expensive. Whenever employee moves from one employer to the other within the industry, every next employer spends time and effort on the same background check again that is a wasteful expense. Further, employers do not have time and wherewithal to counter check the quality of back ground check done by back ground checking agency.  In order to reduce the time and effort in conducting the back ground check and to meet these limitations in the back ground checking process, industry has approached NASSCOM and it has taken the lead by creating “National Skill Registry” i.e. NSR.

So as part of this, what NASSCOM has done is, they have employed the services of NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited, a company promoted by institutions of national stature which are responsible for economic development of the country.) to create a database of background check information of personal, academic and employment details of individuals employed / to be employed  in the IT and ITeS industry. Every individual registered in NSR will be identified uniquely by fingerprints. The database will also have the photograph of the person.

The companies driving this are some big names like HCL,Wipro and the likes of 24/7, Scope (BPOs). So this has got some good names backing it.  So what as an individual you would need to do is pay a nominal registration fee and an even nominal annual fee. The only thing annoying is I need to go to a certain location for fingerprinting/handing over the money etc. I hope the lines are not long. But once I am done with this, I am in the system.  Soon we can see Resumes with NSR number 🙂

Overall, a good initiative. Let’s see whether it works.

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