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Let them Retire in Peace

Posted by tggokul on November 28, 2006

I am back from the Cisco ComplianceZone roadshow. Very interesting and a well managed show. It’s kind of late and I shall blog about this more tomorrow.

During the course of the program, I got a chance to network ( ah, I ‘networked’ in a Cisco meeting. ) with couple of people from Cisco ( they actually are from the Security team) and though they were more into the data side of things and were not too aware of Unified Communication product suite, they did make a few observations. We were talking about VoIP security threat in general and one of them remarked that PSTN can be reliable and all, but it is so crappy with its closed architecture, rigidity etc and the risks we face in IP are tradeoffs for the flexibility it provides us.

Am hearing a lot of trash talking these days directed at PSTN and I am not too happy with that. Hey, go ahead praise IP as much, I will second it; but let’s leave the PSTN alone. We owe that much to them. In this ‘What have you done for me lately’ world, we seem to forget that it was this network that helped sustain civilization the last so many decades. Yes it is outdated, not in sync with the current world, they are annoying; but then how are they any different from the older generation ( I mean people)?. They refuse to change, they believe their values are right and the next generation is always wrong. It is not like we hate the old generation for that. Let us give the same respect to PSTN. Let them retire and die in peace.


One Response to “Let them Retire in Peace”

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