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Always Low Prices

Posted by tggokul on November 27, 2006

You read it here first. I am hearing unconfirmed rumours that Indian Communications Provider Airtel (Bharti) has signed a deal with Walmart to expand Walmart’s operations in India as well.  Indian laws do not allow oversees retail companies to open in India and this is way of circumventing the law by a foreign company to support their global delivery chain. ( by buying products from a local company)

I have a very high regard for Bharti since their services rock big time. They are my broadband, landline and mobile service provider and I rarely have any kind of problems service related or otherwise. They are one of the firsts to bring new innovative applications to my landline or mobile phone (CRBT or Caller Ringback Tone, Missed Call Alerts to name a few). And ofcourse any sane person would agree that  Walmart was long due in India. The mom-pop stores will be decimated, but hey it is all about globalization. Unified Communications from Airtel and Unified shopping experience from Walmart, quite a combination, won’t you say?

Welcome Walmart. We are looking forward to Low Prices everyday.

One Response to “Always Low Prices”

  1. […] This topic makes me reminisce about Airtel’s ( One of India’s leading Telecom Service Provider. They have also signed a pact with Walmart lately) launch of Voice Mail application. A few years ago, Airtel came with the idea of providing Voice Mail service to its mobile customers. Sounds good right? They advertised this launch in such a way that consumers were lead to believe that they were getting this service for free (Damn those marketing guys). The truth was it was just free for one week and consumers would get charged after that period. Many people fell for this age old trap and were sucked into paying money ( I think it was 100 Rs equivalent to 2$ a month). […]

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