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Way to go Cisco!

Posted by tggokul on November 25, 2006

Throughout history there are have been individuals/group of individuals who have made the world a better place for the ensuing generations and I am going to make a very contentious statement here. If I were to make such a list, Cisco would rank in the top three. They surely have ‘changed the way we live, work, learn,play and communicate’. I would assume when Thomas Friedman (of New York Times) talked about how the World has become flat, he gave due credit to Cisco and how its pioneering ways helped in achieving it.

And they are just warming up. A report by WhatPC talks about the direction Cisco is going and it looks like the next generation networks is very much in the works. Avaya and Juniper have joined hands to combat this giant and the ultimate winner in this battle is going to be the consumer . We are going to see communications redefined in ways that can’t even be comprehended at this time. To alter Charles Dickens ‘This is the best of times and this IS the best of times’.

On a personal front, my current assignment requires my involvement in the Cisco’s Unified Communication space and I sincerely believe that this is the place to be in now.


One Response to “Way to go Cisco!”

  1. […] They have restructured the company as well to cater to the different needs of customers in the UC space. This is a very good start. Avaya sure has a distinct advantage over Cisco in the sense most of the enterprises run on the incumbent Avaya switches and moving over to Cisco ( to take advantage of IP technology) is not mandatory and they can stick with Avaya (for the same IP technology) at a lesser price. Now the real challenge for Avaya is to convince customers that they are in par with Cisco if not better in the IP space.  I believe this would be the reason why they have partnered with Juniper. […]

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