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Black Friday for All

Posted by tggokul on November 24, 2006

I am not happy. The four years I was in US, I  looked forward to Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving) to get some good deals ( I used to go wanting to get something and then ended up getting something which I didn’t need to begin with). Now that I am back in Chennai, I am kind of missing all this.

I can’t believe this. Experts are talking about how the world is shrinking and you can do the same thing across the globe and you are telling me I can’t take part in Black Friday? Why can’t I have online Black Friday where I can go to web sites of Circuit City and Best Buy and get the same experience/price as the people who waited 6 hours in the line and went through mayhem to get the items they wanted. If this was enabled, we can prevent the long lines and everybody gets a chance ( and not just the losers who stay up at all night and screw it up for lazy guys like me who end up in the morning at 9.00 A.M

To simulate the same experience this is what I would like to see.  We should make ‘Black Friday ‘ an online game ( say like Delta force and more like Grand Theft Auto) Instead of the ‘enemy’ we will have the fellow buyers. I want to shove, push, grab and get to the aisle where my items are kept. I should be able to collarborate with other guys to come up with strategy to get the products I want. It is all about team work.  And then I checkout the stuff I bought. Simple and cool, isn’t it. I want to experience everything sitting at my console at home. Then I will show you who the boss is. I can shove better with my mouse than with my hands.

Gaming companies. Come on, do this. I am sure this would be a major hit. This would be one hell of a Black Friday.


One Response to “Black Friday for All”

  1. Vijay said

    Heh. Of all the things you could think of! 🙂

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