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Posted by tggokul on November 22, 2006

Dialogic has released its new version of Diva which when coupled with Dialogic HMP software and BRI interfaces, gives a new dimension for application development in a BRI network.  Little bit of history here.  Eicon Networks got Intel’s Media business (read HMP) and named it Dialogic corp.

I think this has come during the time when Dialogic brand was losing its foothold and this is a good start to regain that. I can already see lot of innovations for BRI-SIP gateway capable applications.  NMS communication had a slighter edge all these days because its solution had SIP support and this release by Dialogic should address that weakness. Further, it could even be a viable player in the Media Gateway segment ( am not sure whether they want to enter that fray) and could dent into the market share of Audiocodes and Teles.

T.30 and T.38 fax are also supported and for Dialogic to even  make an attempt to enter the contact center market with this solution, they would need to enable unified messaging applications and I guess this is a good start.

The beta version has been released and we should see more deployments earlier January.

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