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Avaya’s Response

Posted by tggokul on November 20, 2006

We are all aware of Avaya’s Interactive Response (AIR), but now it looks like they have ACR which is Avaya’s Cisco Response. I had written in one of my earlier blogs about Cisco-Orative deal and I had ended it with “Your move Mr.Avaya”. Looks like they have made their move ( I would like to believe that my blog co-erced them to make this decision 🙂 ). They have announced the acquistion of Traverse Networks. The news items when talking about Traverse Networks says

 It has acquired Traverse Networks, a privately held developer of enterprise mobility solutions for unified communications, based in Fremont, Calif.

Ok, I won’t blame you for thinking this was Cisco press release talking about Orative ( Are they cut and pasting press releases as well these days?). I hear two conflicting versions regarding this acquisition. One says that these talks were going on for some time and it was Cisco,upon hearing this, became nervous and bought Orative, whereas the other source says that Avaya had no choice but to buy Traverse Networks when Cisco made the deal. Whatever the case might be, it is game on. The shackles are off. Go on boys. Start delivering the punches.


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