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Plugging the Leak : Yahoogate

Posted by tggokul on November 19, 2006

By now most of you would be aware of the memo written by Brad Garlinghouse, senior vice president of Yahoo that was leaked to Wall Street Journal.

The mystery as to who leaked this memo will be  unravelled in the next Bond movie ( yes, I still have not come out of the Bond mania). In the meantime I still can’t figure out who would benefit by this leak. Sure, it has focussed attention on yahoo and maybe its moves might be seen in a different light. Other than that, I don’t see any value to this. Its really not sensational either and some of the material though not said out loud in public, were surely discussed in blog circles.

“We want to do everything and be everything’. This was a major complaint against Yahoo for some time and his comments about deserving employees  leaving does not shed any new light. We already knew people were leaving and you don’t have to be an Einstein to figure out that most people leave because they are ‘unhappy’.

Even though this news item has been lighting up blogs all over the place ( including this one), this ‘leak’ doesn’t merit any attention. I would rather see where Yahoo is trying to go ( with its buyouts of couple of companies) rather than what it has gone through in the past. Enough of this Yahoogate.


2 Responses to “Plugging the Leak : Yahoogate”

  1. Vijay said

    “leaks” such as this one happen all the time and catches the attention of the blogosphere. Usually there is nothing in these memo’s that affect anything. It was the case with the Memo that leaked out of Microsoft a couple of months ago and any other similar leak. I have my theories that they just do it for purpose and watch how people react.

  2. […] Verizon can have a cheery public face related to its Fibre Optics project (FiOS) but it looks like it is running deep into trouble. The signs are looming with the unexpected announcement on Monday about the departure (they say it is retirement. Is it a Peanut Butter Manifesto case here?) of its Vice President Larry Babbio, who championed the entire FiOS initiative.The stock market hasn’t been kind to the telecom giant and stocks have gone down by nearly 7% from last October. Verizon is already informing its customers about a possible hike from next year beginning of close to maybe 8%. […]

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