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Does Size Matter?

Posted by tggokul on November 18, 2006

There was a complaint that part 1 and part 2 of my blogs on Performance were too long. Some of my usual readers said that a long article is fine as long as it isn’t too technical. If the article is technical, then the best bet would be to have a smaller sized blog. But then I couldn’t split my posts lest it affects continuity.

As I am a novice to the blogging world, I went ahead and posted the same question to Alec Saunders whose article on Creating a Meme was more or less my inspiration to write a blog. ( It is all about hits in google, isn’t it.) Saunders, the kind man he is, pointed out that the pieces were fine and were not too long. Thank you Alec.

So guys I am going to make an attempt to shrink the size. But if I really feel it has to be long, it will be. Stay tuned for Performance Tuning III – Return of the Thread.


2 Responses to “Does Size Matter?”

  1. my_name said

    This is your blog. You write as you deem fit. Some posts are technical, some others are not. So what ? First, write what you want to say. Not what or how others wanted it. If it is INDEED interesting they will read it. Dont play to the galleries and pander to the public. Wish you luck.

    PS: Glad you liked sipp. I helped co-write it. Was great fun !

  2. tggokul said

    Hi My_name,

    Good to know a person who helped create a very smart tool. Can you pass on your email id so that we cab be in touch?


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