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Secure the Perimeter : We are under Attack

Posted by tggokul on November 17, 2006

SANS has announced the 2006 version of their annual “Top-20 Internet Security Attack Targets” and VoIP has been included for the first time as one of the threats. You can access the  press release  here.

One of the intriguing parts of that article was how this could possibly bring down the PSTN network as well. Well that is not exactly making a case for IP telephony, is it? The nearly impreganble SS7 defenses can be bought down and SS7 signalling interconnection can be manipulated.

Barring rare cases where it is a greenfield operator or enterprise, IPT implementations are hybrid in nature ( both IP and TDM ) and we need to wait and see what would be the implication of this. But this report has surely re-kindled interest on VoIP security. Isn’t it always human nature to take notice only if there is a problem or a controversy? Maybe we need to have more such issues to garner more attention 🙂


2 Responses to “Secure the Perimeter : We are under Attack”

  1. […] There are going to be some keynote speakers from Cisco and I am hoping ( I might be setting up myself for some disappointment) they are going to talk about VoIP security considering how much it has been in the news  lately. There is also going to be a demo by the Cisco guys and my guess is that Demo might be more to do with the compliance part rather than addressing security issues.  […]

  2. […] During the course of the program, I got a chance to network ( ah, I ‘networked’ in a Cisco meeting. ) with couple of people from Cisco ( they actually are from the Security team) and though they were more into the data side of things and were not too aware of Unified Communication product suite, they did make a few observations. We were talking about VoIP security threat in general and one of them remarked that PSTN can be reliable and all, but it is so crappy with its closed architecture and rigidity and the risks we face in IP are tradeoffs for the flexibility it provides us. […]

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