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PROTO : A Breath of Fresh Life

Posted by tggokul on November 13, 2006

If you are a wannabe Entrepreneur whose expertise is Web 2.0, IT services ( to name a few ) in India and you have not heard about Proto you must have been sleeping for the last two months or you don’t have an Internet connection. The buzz this event is creating among the entrepreneur community in India has been unbelievable and the hype surrounding this is so much that I feel for the people behind this event on whom resides the responsibility of making this a grand success.

I am not privy to any inside information on the companies/VCs that are going to be present during this event, but knowing the brains behind this event and their quest for perfection, I am reasonably sure that we might be seeing India’s finest ( Will there be international companies?) in action.  I hope this event ushers in a New Order which emphasizes on Creation rather than emulation. It infuriates/annoys me to see youtube’s mini-mes like meravideo, apnatube. Imitation is the best form of flattery…. yeah, for losers. Seriously people, you can do better.

One small thing though. On a blog posted by AmitR in VentureWoods on Proto, he says

“The startups could be from any area- web based services, consumer hardware, mobile, Web2.0, ecommerce, IT enabled services etc.”

I don’t see “Telecom” here. Hope you guys have not lost hope on us. We are still hanging in here, buddies!!!

4 Responses to “PROTO : A Breath of Fresh Life”

  1. Vijay said

    That’s a very well written post. And thanks Gokul.

  2. Thanks for poiting out the telecom thing; its purely due to oversight on my part; have since corrected that.


  3. tggokul said

    Thanks Amit for the reply. All of you guys are doing a great job. I was correct when I blogged about these guys’ “quest for perfection”


  4. […] I had blogged about the upcoming event PROTO in January’07.  Visited their website hoping to get more information, and their blog is such a teaser. We have about 25 very interesting companies that have nominated so far and we are still getting a steady stream of new nominations. […]

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