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Acme Packet — We are Back

Posted by tggokul on November 11, 2006

It has been sometime since Acme packets went IPO and it is old news that they had a whopping 70% gain over the IPO price the very first day.

As a professional who has invested most of his time in VoIP, it makes me sigh in relief after the whole Vonage fiasco made some people question whether there was even a life in VoIP. Good job Acme. You silenced those traitors on our behalf.  Now, how did they do it and why were they a success and how can we all emulate them to get our slice?

It is only logical that a SBC company ( Acme/Nextone) will move towards IMS as P-CSCFs. I honestly believe that the Policy Definition Functions (PDFs) which define security ( of many things) will finally get IP on the mainstream. I am tired of the TDM world champions saying to me and I quote ‘ IP can give you flexibility and all but I ain’t gonna go that way without QoS and security defined in a concrete way’.  It is yet to be seen the full implication of these SBCs ( and I shall add ALGs as well) in the IPv6 domains ( for IMS). But along with a SIP Proxy it could work even today on directing the call on the gateway level of the IMS architecture.

I talked to one of my learned friends Chandra and he said that Cisco’s Service provider Hosted NAT Traversal is an alternative for this and it actually comes with a Media Platform, Billing and QoS applications.  So I went ahead and did some backup check on this and it does look like a good alternative but as always comes with certain limitations. It could do only Symmetic NATs and two private networks could not have the same IP. But still it is worth a try.

Acme, Nextone v/s Cisco. Now that would be something I would watch in pay-per-view.


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