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Posted by tggokul on November 10, 2006

When my friends used to say that I was a good orator, I took that as a compliment. Little did I reliaze that they were actually taking a dig at my writing skills. I guess it was these old wounds that never made be write a blog before. After millions of dollars spent on a Shrink’s couch, I guess I am now ready to face the world.  Remember that before you complain about any of posts!!!

Now that we are done with the disclaimer, it is time for the cliche. ‘Technology fascinates me’.  No seriously, it does. Especially VoIP and of late IMS and Voice 2.0 thanks to Alec Saunders , Om Malik and smart friends like Vijay Anand  . I have been an avid reader all these days and hope to be  a good intuitive writer like the people mentioned above.

What you can expect in these pages are my observations in VoIP, IMS and mostly technology related issues. But don’t be surprised if I throw in a little bit of Cricket, NFL ( American Football) and absolutely whacky stuff. But then I am a whacky person.. People sometimes call me a megalomaniac but then I am after all the ‘I’ in Vo’I’P and ‘I’MS 🙂

So stay tuned and let us blog away!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Vijay said

    Welcome to the blogosphere my friend. There is no turning back after this 🙂

  2. Madhavan said

    Hi Golkul:

    You reap what you sow…the interactions will reflect on your desires and aspirations.

    This advice is free – good luck and happy blogging!

  3. tggokul said

    Thank you both for the wishes 🙂

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